NIKE Hyperdunk

Mutt Industries came to Cardboard Castle with a very ambitious project: put a basketball player in NIKE Lunarlon Hyperdunk shoes on the moon. With a quick turnaround time (2 weeks from shoot to hand-off of the final edit) we knew this would be a serious challenge, but hey, we like challenge here at Cardboard Castle!

After the initial shoot, we took the reins on the monumental charge of transforming the footage of a guy running around on a stark blue sound stage into a space-traveling super-athlete making a 50-foot dunk on the moon. We finished the spot just in time, and we couldn’t be happier with the finished results.

I was responsible for pre-viz animatics, animation, lighting/materials, and compositing.


2013 Oregon ADDYs Gold Award – Commercials
2013 Davey Silver Award – Online Film & Video - Sports

Concept Art